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Commercial Access Controls Security Systems

Your business has its trade secrets that you have taken years to acquire and with employee theft becoming a growing concern for many business owners, sometimes repeated false alarms can thwart your security plans and efforts. Furthermore, you do not want unpermitted people on your office premises. It is not just an annoyance, it’s a potential security threat and danger to your business.

Commercial Access Control Security Systems

a.p.i. Alarm Inc. Access Control Systems give you the power to control and monitor access to your office premises and industrial facilities. With features of on-site and off-site control access supported by our systems, we offer market leading flexibility and security. Not just that, but the a.p.i. Alarm Inc. Access Control Systems can effortlessly work with up to thousands of users and doors simultaneously.

Our modern security systems allow you to monitor and safeguard your profits, premises, and reputation with the ability to restrict movement within the building, lock down sensitive areas, and survey the premises both inside and outside.

With an advanced system, you’ll even be able to control access to different areas of your building remotely from your mobile device and receive instant text messages and video clips in the event of a breach; prevent access by former employees; received onsite reports of authorised and unauthorised access attempts; and avoid the costly problem of re-keying your office doors and commercial building.

Some things to consider when setting up a commercial access security control system include:

  • Card enrolment/deactivation – This aspect of your access control should be examined on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on the nature of your business in order to lighten your administrative duties.
  • Scheduling system functions and events – After installation, your system’s schedules and related external events such as elevator control or timed activation of lighting may need to be adjusted periodically. Our systems are designed with this in mind, so your administrator will be well informed on the necessary functions and events.
  • Database management – The modern workplace is characterised by high employee turnover. Your system’s database should be designed so it keeps pace with your business’ demands. We provide access control security systems that are easy to manage.
  • System expansion – There are a number of elements that change in the workplace, such as floor plans, new door access requirements, new department heads or executives with higher levels of clearance, and the likes. Our security system takes into consideration the possibility of scaling and internal changes so your system can adjust as your security needs adjustment.

Large commercial installations present unique challenges for security and access control. from shopping centres to commercial towers, the requirements are diverse and intricate. Commercial applications require a solution that offers proven reliability across multiple tenants with full building services integration and scale of operation, without compromising on its flexibility so it can accommodate the ever-changing needs of primary components. With our powerful, cost-effective, and user-friendly system, we are your best choice for commercial access control security systems.

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